The painting is currently for sale.

Photos cannot do justice to the beauty of this piece of art. It is not only stunning, glittering and amazing with its multiple, ever new views and appearances, it is also good for VASTU: it carries a certain energy and will shift the atmosphere in your home towards more harmony, peace & prosperity.

It is a perfect gift for a family or a temple for Diwali. and it is completely unique:

Even with all skills and talent – this painting cannot be copied or created again!


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The buyer also pays for all costs related to the transport: Transportation box, Shipping costs, insurance, customs, taxes – all transport-related costs and installation in their place.

This biggest transparent Gemstone Painting in the World – made from precious gemstones and gold-powder – will give its owner a multi-media experience with innumerable views of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune, Beauty and Prosperity, according to the light-shows projected on it.