About the Artists


Ananda Devi Vdovic is a visionary artist, spiritual teacher, singer and has also worked as an architect. Born and raised in Germany, she has always been interested in painting. As a 5 years old prodigy she declared: “I want to become a painter!”

Soon afterwards her drawing got disqualified from a children’s art competition, as the judges did not believe that a child could have painted such a picture!
Later she studied philosophy and education and is a graduate of Hamburg University.
In 1970 she learned Meditation and became a meditation teacher. Over the past 45 years Ananda Devi taught Thousands of people Meditation, Advanced Courses and Silence retreats internationally.

In spite of her many travels and other activities, Ananda never gave up painting. She is well known for her inspired Goddess and Madonna paintings, which shine with an illuminated beauty. Among others also Sri Sri Ravi Shankar commissioned some paintings from her – and she held several art exhibits and sold paintings and prints to many destinations all over the world.

She was trained in some painting techniques by different painters and has mainly concentrated on oil paintings, tempera and mixed media.

In 2017 Ananda Devi studied the techniques of gemstone-painting with Sunish and Sudha Maru in Jaipur and directly after that created the World´s largest transparent gemstone-painting.

Ananda Devi is also a gifted singer – viz. “Sacred Chants of Devi”, “Durga- Mantras for Protection” and others – and architectural artist. Her work in architecture design can be seen at the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore.

Today Ananda Devi Vdovic lives in Germany and Croatia.


The art of Vera Atlantia aims to reflect the intimate connection to Source and the deepening experience of spiritual awakening.

In her work she explores themes such as divinity, healing, higher realms, unity consciousness and realizing ones true essence.

In 2011 and 2012, Vera participated in the Visions in the Mischtechnik seminar in Italy, where she learnt to paint in the Mischtechnik (mixed technique) with oil and egg tempera, the main painting technique which she is using now. She met the artists who subsequently formed The Visionary Guild, a collective of several international visionary artists. These encounters led to deep and transformative friendships which further contributed to her artistic development.
In 2013 she was invited to work as an art teacher at the newly formed ‘Vienna Academy of Visionary Art’.

Since then, Vera Atlantia has been teaching many workshops and exhibited work in Austria, Belgium, Australia, Italy, France, Colombia, Hungary, England, Germany and Croatia.

Vera is currently working on art commissions & collaborations, teaching sacred art workshops and meditation internationally.